SDGs by theme

With 17 Goals, 169 targets and 232 indicators, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development provides a comprehensive coverage of the economic, social and environmental aspects of development. SDG Pulse covers those areas of the Agenda that intersect with UNCTAD’s mandated role in topics such as trade, investment, finance and technology.

SDG Pulse is organized along three of the broad cross-cutting themes identified in the Nairobi Maafikiano (UNCTAD, 2016), the Outcome Document agreed in the fourteenth Session of UNCTAD that guides our work towards implementing sustainable development - the fourth theme identified in the Nairobi Maafikiano. The three main themes are:

Multilateralism for trade and development

We live in an inter-connected world where goods and services and produced and traded globally. This has brought an unprecedented level of prosperity and has contributed to lifting many out of poverty. However, barriers of trade remain and new threats to the multilateral trading system are constantly emerging. It is essential to address impediments and promote a broader participation that could continue to benefit all countries and the global economy. Read more

Productive growth

Sustained and inclusive economic growth is an essential requisite for poverty eradication and sustainable development. Productive infrastructure, access to ICT and new technologies, and a stable macroeconomic environment are essential for achieving long-term growth. These are some of the topics covered in this section, along with the mechanisms available to finance these policies. Read more

Structural transformation

Sustainable long-term growth that provides economies opportunities for everyone can only be achieved through a shift to higher value-added productive activities. This requires investment, the adoption of technological advancements, and a better prepared workforce. In an era of ecological degradation and climate change, this also means a shift to more efficient and less environmentally damaging economic activities. Read more


  • UNCTAD (2016). Nairobi Maafikiano. From decision to action: Moving towards an inclusive and equitable global economic environment for trade and development. TD/519/Add.2. Nairobi. 5 September.

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