Goal 10: Reduced inequalities

The main force pushing toward reduction in inequality has always been the diffusion of knowledge and the diffusion of education.Thomas Piketty

Shared prosperity for all will require reduced inequalities and improved international economic governance. SDG 10 calls for reducing inequality within and among countries and strengthening the voice of developing countries in decision-making in global economic and financial institutions.

Since its establishment in 1964, UNCTAD has been dedicated to empowering and promoting economic inclusion of all. UNCTAD contributes to improved regulation and monitoring of global financial markets and institutions, notably through calls for a fairer international economic system. A founding principle of UNCTAD's approach to development has been a focus on enhancing representation and voice for developing countries in global economic decision-making.

We contribute to these objectives by helping to implement special and differential treatment for developing countries in the global trading system any by strengthening the enabling environment by encouraging FDI and other financing mechanisms to countries where the need is greatest.

Given the importance of equality and its relevance for all dimensions of sustainable development, SDG Pulse 2019 provides a dedicated analysis of the many faces of inequality.

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